How To Add Variety When Meal Prepping

It’s no secret that meal prepping is something that I promote and is a routine that I follow a meal prep routine each week. There are so many advantages to meal prepping – the time saved, the ease of meal choices throughout the week, the increased healthfulness of the meals. etc.

There is one downside to meal prep that I do hear fairly often – “don’t you get sick of the same meal over and over again?”

The answer is yes, I would – if I was eating the same starch, protein and veggies each day. However, this doesn’t have to be the case with each meal prep routine!

It is possible to enjoy satisfying, flavourful, and filling dishes every day of the week. And thanks to meal prep, you can do this without sacrificing time, money, and energy.

Here are my tips for adding variety while meal prepping:

Ingredient Substitutions for Nut Allergies in Common Recipes

We’ve all been cooking more at home during these challenging times, which is fantastic! However, it can be challenging to cook for someone with a nut allergy. In addition to always having your EpiPen auto-injector available at all times, you can manage a nut allergy by swapping out nuts for nut-friendly allergy ingredients in common family recipes. Let me show you how!