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    Protected: Steps For Reading a Label For Food Allergens

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    Is It True Weight Gain? Watch How Much My Weight Fluctuates In One Morning

    A number of us have experienced it. After a weekend of indulgence, we step on the scale on Monday morning and find that we’re had a considerable weight increase. We then start to resent the choices we’ve made on the weekend and a swear that we’ll make better choices for the week coming.

    However, is this really true weight gain? Are there other factors that could have lead to this weight increase?

    To Whey or Not to Whey – The Protein Powder Breakdown

    It’s hard to ignore the buzz around protein powders lately as they are quite popular in body building circles and with athletes. It is clear that protein is a key macronutrient that can helps us obtain our performance, weight loss or muscle-building goals. However, you may be skeptical because these powders can be costly and may contain additional additives such as sugars and artificial sweeteners. This may cause you to ask “Is protein powder really necessary for the average person?”