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  • I am a huge fan of Nicole's Toronto Star posts. I look forward to reading her column on Mondays. I especially like the 'Protein Pancake' recipe - what a neat idea! I made them at home and it was a lovely breakfast. I also really like her website and look forward to trying more of her recipes!

    Valerie M
  • I really enjoyed Nicole's talk on Nutrition & Aging. Her approach was up to date and informative. She is a breath of fresh air, compared to others I have heard speak on the same topic.
    Cynthia R
  • I attended Nicole's Healthy Cooking for Cancer classes in 2013. She was fantastic. She was very knowledgable and passionate about the course. She really made the program. She was fun, warm and friendly. She presented the material in a warm and inviting manner.  She made me want to go to the sessions.
    Jordan B
  • I researched vegan friendly Registered Dietitians and I found Nicole Osinga. I immediately connected with her philosophy and felt that we had a similar view on what healthy eating should look like. Nicole taught me about what foods are good sources of nutrients that I was missing. Nicole is  a natural in the kitchen; she loves to cook and has encouraged me to do so. I have been very pleased with Nicole - she is professional, well-educated on current food topics, along with vegetarian diets. She is positive and supportive of her clients concerns and needs. I would high recommend Nicole Osinga.
    Mary C
  • We had a great experience with Nicole. I contacted Nicole because my teenage daughter is a new vegetarian and I wanted to make sure she was eating a balanced and adequate vegetarian diet. Nicole provided us with helpful advice, regarding how to maintain a vegetarian diet. She has provided many delicious recipes that we love!
    Michelle R
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