Ingredient Substitutions for Nut Allergies in Common Recipes

We’ve all been cooking more at home during these challenging times, which is fantastic! However, it can be challenging to cook for someone with a nut allergy. In addition to always having your EpiPen auto-injector available at all times, you can manage a nut allergy by swapping out nuts for nut-friendly allergy ingredients in common family recipes. Let me show you how!

My Favourite Winter Comfort Foods

In Canada, we’re now entering the coldest and most dreary time of the year. The holidays are now behind us. Personally, I would love to fast-forward to spring, as I’m not the most cold-adapted person!

This weekend, I was craving comfort foods. Comfort foods to me are warm foods but also foods that have some nostalgia to them. What do comfort foods mean to you?