My STAPLE Meal Prep Recipes

Sometimes, creative juices dry up. That was me this week when I was looking to come up with recipes to cook this week. So instead, I decided that I wanted to show you my absolute favourite recipes this week. These meals are tried, tested and true recipes that I KNOW you will love. Which one would you like to try? Let me know!


I had a feeling something was off when my exercise tolerance started to decrease and my nails became increasingly brittle and fragile. I had just become a plant-based eater.

My close friend had been experiencing restless leg syndrome and chronic fatigue for close to a year before she got diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

We both received a diagnosis of iron deficiency.

6 New Creative but Minimalist Snacks

We spend so much time and money on healthy meals, we often have minimal resources left when it comes to snacks. I’m here to showcase 6 minimalist snacks to get you started on your healthy eating journey. These snacks all have 5 ingredients or less and take less than 10 minutes to prepare.