Ingredient Substitutions for Nut Allergies in Common Recipes

We’ve all been cooking more at home during these challenging times, which is fantastic! However, it can be challenging to cook for someone with a nut allergy. In addition to always having your EpiPen auto-injector available at all times, you can manage a nut allergy by swapping out nuts for nut-friendly allergy ingredients in common family recipes. Let me show you how!

3 MEALS WITH ONLY 5 ingredients!

Some weeks, I’m definitely more of a lazy meal prepper. This week was one of them!

I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to see how many meals I could make with the least ingredients possible – so here you are!

I used a buffet-style meal prep approach (more on that here) to put these meals together.

This week I only used the following in my meals: