Putting Together a Balanced Backyard Patio Meal

We’re going to be spending more time in our backyards as the weather gets nicer but our outside travels remain limited. I encourage you to use your backyard oasis as an ‘escape’ from the inside world!

However, sometimes when we think of a patio meal, we think of something is that is super indulgent. This doesn’t have to be the case! I’m here to provide some guidance and ideas for fun, seasonal meal/snack and drink ideas that provide balance, nutrition and flavour. Let’s get into it!

Watch the TV segment below, that I did with Global Kingston on this topic!

Changes to My Supplement Regime For Autumn

Autumn brings more mild temperatures, along with the most beautiful scenery (although I am biased, since I am getting married in Autumn!)

Along with the positives, of course there are some negatives that come with this time of year. Shorter days often leave people feeling like their energy is zapped. In addition, the dryer air does a number on our hair, skin and nails.