Chickpea Broccoli Burritos

My weeknight dinner staple! Minimal prep work involved and you can multi-task (worry-free) while the chickpea mixture cooks in the oven. The mixture of seasonings kick this simple ingredient meal up a notch! Enjoyed by herbivores and omnivores alike (tried, tested and true!) Inspired by the hilariously delicious Thug Kitchen cookbook.

Batch Cooking: Vegan Shepherds Pie

It can be a bit harder to find a satiating vegan dish, but this does it! So deliciously hearty and rich, you won’t believe it’s vegan. It requires a bit more prep and cooking time but this is great batch cooking dish. Enjoy a serving after you make it, portion a couple for lunches and then freeze the rest for a later time! Inspired by Jamie Olivers’s similar recipe.

Spicy Sweet Potato & Quinoa Chilli

sweet potato chilliAs the warm weather starts to melt away, I find it so satisfying to bring a hot and hearty lunch meal to work.  This dish is easy to mass cook  and a couple of portions are easily frozen for another time so you don’t get tired of it. A great mid-day pick me up! Ingredients are simple, whole and healthy. Enjoy!

Black Bean-Roasted Zucchini-Goat Cheese Enchiladas


The texture of these little numbers is fantastic and creamy! I found them very filling too – two of them made for a pretty satisfying and complete vegetarian meal. They are a bit heavier on the prep work, but making 10 at a time allowed me to freeze and pack away 8 for future lunches/dinners! An easy 4 extra meals.  To save time, you can  prep the sauce and/or filling ahead of time for a quick meal. Using store-bought enchilada sauce would also abbreviate the prep, although you would sacrifice the taste!