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    Your Mornings Just Got Easier! My Favourite Frozen Smoothie Bowls

    • “The blender is too loud in the morning.”
    • “The blender is a pain to clean and I don’t have time to do that.”
    • “There are too many ingredients to put together in the blender – it’s chaotic!”
    • “I just don’t have time…”

    These are all common reasons for why smoothies don’t work in the morning. While all valid, it is a shame that there are so many challenges to getting in a perfectly balanced and super nutrient-rich start to your morning.

    Super Seed Smoothie Bowl

    A smoothie is a typical breakfast for me. However sometimes I find that I need a small mid-morning snack to tie me over until lunch, after a breakfast smoothie. If you are finding a smoothie doesn’t quite tie you over until lunch, you definitely should try out this smoothie bowl – a smoothie with a hearty kick! The addition of nuts and seeds add fibre, fat and PROTEIN to your typical smoothie. The smoothie itself is thicker than your typical smoothie that you’d drink through a straw. It’s also vegan and gluten-free. Give it a try!