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    The Alkaline Diet – The pH Miracle?

    Hollywood loves this diet. Otherwise known as the alkaline ash diet or alkaline acid diet – it is claimed that it can help you lose weight and avoid conditions like arthritis and cancer. The theory is that some foods, like meat, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods, cause your body to produce acid, which is bad for you. Is there truth to this?

    Sweet Potato Pita Pizza with Kale

    sweet potato pizzaThis combination is fantastic! On a whole wheat greek pita, I used a creamy sweet potato base  instead of tomato sauce and topped it off with some caramelized onion, kale and mozzarella cheese! A very inexpensive, quick and healthy vegetarian recipe! If you’re cooking for one person, make four at a time and use it for lunches that week or freeze for later.

    The Details on Detoxing Diets

    Detox has become a buzz word that seems to be popping up everywhere – in bookstores, magazines, the press and has made it’s way into the  common conversation regarding nutrition and health. Detox diets especially seem to become popular after periods of time where we often neglect healthy eating, such as over the winter holidays, and we perceive that our bodies need a little ‘spring cleaning’. Do detox diets actually work? Are they safe?

    Allowing Room for Unhealthy Choices

    80-20-principle As an RD, I have received various forms of judgement and pre-conceived notions about my lifestyle and eating habits. “I bet you don’t eat that.” “How do you eat that and stay thin?” “Don’t judge me for eating these chips – I had a craving.” The truth is that I don’t have a perfect diet. I have a sweet tooth, I eat out, and even indulge in ‘junk food’ when I’m out such as pizza. Do I feel guilty about indulging in sweets and junk food? Not one bit. Why? I follow the 80/20 rule.