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    A Tofu Recipe For Every Meal – My Top 3 Favourite Tofu Recipes

    My poor friend, Tofu, isn’t always well-liked.

    5 Foods to Fight Prostate Cancer

    10984120_10156101919580136_8298455890552642266_nProstate cancer is one of the most common cancers in Western society and accounts for 25% of all new cancer
    cases in men. Prostate cancer is not nearly as common in Eastern society. By looking at worldwide differences in cancer rates, we see that prostate cancer is related either to a) environmental factors, such as diet, or b) to the unique genetic make-up of a country’s citizens. It may be a combination of both a) and b), however the good news is that environmental factors, such as diet, can be modified. Below are 5 types of foods that have been shown to lower prostate cancer risk!

    The Battle of the Milks

    The interest in non-dairy milks has sky rocketed. This is for a variety of reasons. Choosing the best milk or plant-based milk can be challenging, with the wide variety of options on the market. While all types of milk are equivalent when it comes to calcium and vitamin D, let me help you compare their nutritional content and outline their respective controversies.

    Soy What?

    Should you avoid eating soy-based foods?
    Do they increase your risk for cancer?
    How much is safe?

    These are all questions I’ve gotten over the course of my nutrition classes that I run for cancer patients. It is also something I’ve wondered about for myself. As a vegetarian, I often look to soy as an alternative source of protein.