Cuckoo for Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has transitioned into the mainstream after a history of being looked down upon for it’s saturated fat content. Many rave about this product, including the beloved Dr. Oz (for my other posts on Dr.Oz click here and here).


Spicy Sweet Potato & Quinoa Chilli

sweet potato chilliAs the warm weather starts to melt away, I find it so satisfying to bring a hot and hearty lunch meal to work.  This dish is easy to mass cook  and a couple of portions are easily frozen for another time so you don’t get tired of it. A great mid-day pick me up! Ingredients are simple, whole and healthy. Enjoy!

A Critical Look at Dr. Oz’s Miracles- Part 1

Dr. Oz – the captivating, charasmatic and convincing surgeon  has won over millions of viewers  who faithfully follow his nutrition advice. I believe Dr. Oz’s intentions are good and he wants to improve the health of Americans. However, there are a couple of things about his approach that concern me:

Time To Ditch Dairy?

For the most part, low-fat dairy products have been recommended as part as a healthy diet for quite some time now.  However, it is now becoming popular to eliminate dairy from ones eating regime! What is wrong with dairy? I’ll explore the reasons people are going dairy-free and highlight the supporting research.