Do I Need a Vitamin Supplement?

Have you even wondered if you should be taking a vitamin or mineral supplement?  Perhaps you reflected on your diet, scratched your head and thought “am I missing something?” In order to shed light on if you need a supplement or not, I’m welcoming my friend and colleague Andrea D’Ambrosio, Registered Dietitian and owner of Dietetic Directions as today’s guest blogger!

5 Tips to Crush Food Cravings

Sitting here right now, many of you are probably thinking, “Oh that is easy, I could just keep on walking by”.

But for many people killing a craving dead in its tracks is very, very difficult. In fact, it can be so overwhelmingly difficult to avoid a craving, that it takes over our mind for hours.

Time To Ditch Dairy?

For the most part, low-fat dairy products have been recommended as part as a healthy diet for quite some time now.  However, it is now becoming popular to eliminate dairy from ones eating regime! What is wrong with dairy? I’ll explore the reasons people are going dairy-free and highlight the supporting research.

How to Feel Full – Understanding The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster


Satiety. One of the simple keys to weight management. How can we eat strategically to feel full while still managing our caloric intake?
Understanding how your body utilizes carbohydrates is important for everyone  – not just people with diabetes.