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    Is It True Weight Gain? Watch How Much My Weight Fluctuates In One Morning

    A number of us have experienced it. After a weekend of indulgence, we step on the scale on Monday morning and find that we’re had a considerable weight increase. We then start to resent the choices we’ve made on the weekend and a swear that we’ll make better choices for the week coming.

    However, is this really true weight gain? Are there other factors that could have lead to this weight increase?

    It’s Not You, It’s Time: Understanding the Culprits Behind Age-Related Weight Gain

    While I haven’t hit middle-age yet, I can speak from experience about how weight management has changed over my lifespan thus far. Weight management was certainly a different story in my early 20s, along with my teenage years.   During these days, it was easy to neglect the quality of my diet and avoid the consequences. This unfortunately, doesn’t last forever.

    Canada’s Food Guide – Harmful or Helpful?

    Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) has been a staple educational and assessment piece throughout my education and practice. However there has been numerous concerns about this tool – it is outdated, promotes overeating,ect. Should we be following it?