Teas For Health: A Comparison

“What kind of tea would you like?”

This question is no longer simple, due to the increasing variety of teas on the market and their subsequent health claims. Green vs white tea? But what about matcha green tea? Should I just choose herbal tea? How about that new detox tea – does that work? Let me help answer these questions for you and help you make your best tea choice.

How to Detox in 2016

IMG_1762I have previously written a post about detoxing. In this article, I took a fairly strong stance against detoxing, as our organs and immune system handle detoxification on their own already. One of the reasons I took a strong stance against detoxing is because the term ‘detoxification’ has been overused and misused by nonscientific practitioners, self-educated consumers, and the media. Detoxing is celebrity endorsed, heavily promoted and is becoming big business. 

The Details on Detoxing Diets

Detox has become a buzz word that seems to be popping up everywhere – in bookstores, magazines, the press and has made it’s way into the  common conversation regarding nutrition and health. Detox diets especially seem to become popular after periods of time where we often neglect healthy eating, such as over the winter holidays, and we perceive that our bodies need a little ‘spring cleaning’. Do detox diets actually work? Are they safe?