For me, running has always been a meditative act.
There is something uplifting about running along trails in the crisp evening with nothing but your thoughts and music playing in the background.

I’ve been running since I was on the cross country team in elementary school –  about 7/8 years old.
I haven’t stopped.
I’ve been told that I’m a ‘natural’ runner.
I can’t agree with this though.
The thing about running is – anyone can do it.
You really don’t need any special equipment.
It’s so easy to run!
Why don’t more people run then?
I think it is perceived that you have to be able run multiple miles under a certain time without stopping to be considered a ‘runner’.
Anyone can be considered a runner.
So then, of course it’s hard to start something that seems unattainable.
When I run, I don’t compare myself to others.
I actually prefer to run alone.
For me, running is all about attaining personal goals.
No one else has to know about your goals!
Running solo may not work for everyone – some find greater motivation in running groups/partners.
And that is completely fine.
Motivation is found in different places for different people.
My motivation for running is multifaceted.
I run to strengthen my lungs.
I run to feel strong.
I run to relieve stress.
I run to be disconnected from the world for a bit.
I run to enjoy the green scenery around me.
I run to inspire myself.
I don’t run to get to a certain weight or body fat %.
I don’t think those are true motivators – they’re just added benefits.
I believe my motivators will keep me running for the majority of the rest of my life.

My advice:
Find your own motivation. And run.

One of my favorite running spots.
One of my favorite running spots.


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