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    How Do I Know I Have a Food Allergy? (+What To Do Next) Part 1

    We live in a time where food allergies and intolerances are more prevalent than ever before. In my practice I see a ton of allergies and intolerances.

    Why You Can’t Lose Weight [And How Your Hormones Interfere]

    You’ve been trying to avoid high calories foods and you make sure you are doing cardio a few times a week…but the scale just won’t budge! In fact, you’ve gained a few pounds. You’re frustrated and ready to give up. It seems like you’re doing all of the right things, but you just can’t seem to make progress..

    Do I Need a Vitamin Supplement?

    Have you even wondered if you should be taking a vitamin or mineral supplement?  Perhaps you reflected on your diet, scratched your head and thought “am I missing something?” In order to shed light on if you need a supplement or not, I’m welcoming my friend and colleague Andrea D’Ambrosio, Registered Dietitian and owner of Dietetic Directions as today’s guest blogger!