The Battle of the Milks

The interest in non-dairy milks has sky rocketed. This is for a variety of reasons. Choosing the best milk or plant-based milk can be challenging, with the wide variety of options on the market. While all types of milk are equivalent when it comes to calcium and vitamin D, let me help you compare their nutritional content and outline their respective controversies.

Time To Ditch Dairy?

For the most part, low-fat dairy products have been recommended as part as a healthy diet for quite some time now.  However, it is now becoming popular to eliminate dairy from ones eating regime! What is wrong with dairy? I’ll explore the reasons people are going dairy-free and highlight the supporting research.

The Canadian Diet – How Are We Doing?

You may be surprised to hear that we’re on the right track! As a population, we’re cutting back on shortening, beef and white flour. We’re eating more vegetables, fruit and yogurt as well. However there’s still room for improvement! We can eat less – less red meat, less cheese, less starches and less sweets.