How to Detox in 2016

IMG_1762I have previously written a post about detoxing. In this article, I took a fairly strong stance against detoxing, as our organs and immune system handle detoxification on their own already. One of the reasons I took a strong stance against detoxing is because the term ‘detoxification’ has been overused and misused by nonscientific practitioners, self-educated consumers, and the media. Detoxing is celebrity endorsed, heavily promoted and is becoming big business. 

Nutrition Trends Not Worth The Hype


I will apologize in advance for the negative spin on the post! I have written posts on some of these trends separately and some I have not mentioned before, however I felt it was necessary to get them all off my chest. I think as a society we are largely over-complicating nutrition and we are always looking to alter our way of eating in order to achieve our goals. This has created a culture of elimination and food shame…which are not healthy ways of viewing food! Let me dive into some of my least favourite food trends.