Evelyn F

Date of Visit: 11/13/2020
You can never go wrong with Nicole in your corner. She is not only caring but extremely knowledgeable. Can’t wait to continue my journey with her 🙂

Cindy M

Date of Visit: 12/12/2017
It was a pleasure working with Nicole. Her professional experience helped me regain an interest in cooking again with great recipes. She was always supportive and very upbeat. If you need help to get back into healthy eating, she is the person. Go for it!

Craig L

Date of Visit: 22/11/2017
My experience with Nicole was awesome. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I are really looking forward to our future meetings with Nicole and are excited about this new journey!

Frank K

Date of Visit: 15/11/2017
It was a great first meeting. Great to learn new ideas and ways to improve personal health. Look forward to working with you.

Amanda F

Date of Visit: 27/09/2017
Nicole taught me about my body type and how to eat based on that. She gave me easy recipes that I have been enjoying! My energy levels have increase and I am not feeling hungry or that I am missing less healthy options.

Franchesca P

Date of Visit: 26/09/2017
Nicole is always prepared for our appointment, has great ideas and has helped me get closer to achieving my goals.

Krista E

Date of Visit: 22/08/2020
My session was informative in the aspect of examples, printouts with food plans & food substitutes. Variety is important in my snacks & daily food intake as I’m on the go constantly. I left with many new food groups/ideas, example: plant base protein shake. I found value in the suggestion of a probiotic to aid in good gut health. In my first appointment I left with beneficial dietary foods which will assist in my optimal health. I look forward to my follow up appointment with Nicole.

Kim P

Date of Visit: 16/08/2017
Nicole was great with my daughter, Allie. She’s very knowledgeable and gave us great information to get started, while ensure we didn’t feel overwhelmed. Thanks Nicole! So glad we found you.

Janet B

Date of Visit: 16/07/2017
I started seeing Nicole due to mine and my families recent Celiac diagnosis. The diagnosis itself is overwhelming, but when three of you are diagnosed, I knew I would not be able to do this alone. I was basically malnourished due to the disease and Nicole jumped right in to set us up with a meal plan so we would be getting the nutrients we needed in a way that our bodies could start to absorb them. Nicole has been fantastic. She is knowledgeable, and patient. She has the compassion to understand that everyone has there likes and dislikes, and goes that extra mile to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need, even the pickiest of eaters. I highly recommend Nicole Osinga.

Janette M

Date of Visit: 18/06/2017
I came to Nicole for help in dealing with my celiac disease. She was a great help in my search for hidden sources of gluten in my diet and was ready and willing to research anything she was unsure of.