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    Micheal Pollan

    The world of nutrition is confusing…

    We’re bombarded everyday with healthy-living messages from the media, the Internet, health experts, friends and family. However, there is no universal consensus about the best diet to eat. This leads to contradicting messages and a frustrated public. Almost all of my clients have expressed this annoyance about nutrition information to me. After a large amount of research and critical analysis, how do I attempt to simplify these messages?

    “Eat Mostly Plants”

    Is a consistent response of mine. Scientists may disagree on what’s so good about plants — the antioxidants? Fiber? Omega-3s? — but they do agree that they’re probably really good for you and certainly can’t hurt. Also, by eating a plant-based, whole foods diet, you’ll be consuming far fewer calories, since plant foods (except seeds) are typically less ”energy dense” than the other things you might eat. Vegetarians are healthier than carnivores, but near vegetarians (”flexitarians”) are as healthy as vegetarians. The health benefits of a plant-based diet are plentiful! In short, they include:

    • Better weight control
    • Lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar
    • Longer life
    • Lower risk of cancer and slowed progression of cancer
    • Lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
    • Fewer medications
    • Lower food costs
    • Good for the environment

    “You don’t have to give up animal products if you don’t want to!”

    Let’s focus on a plant-based, whole foods diet without calorie counting or feeding deprived. A plant-based, whole foods diet may need a bit of planning to ensure you’re reaching your nutrient targets – this is where I come in! I work with herbivores, omnivores and everyone in between. I’m a vegetarian myself (lacto-ovo) and will occasionally eat fish. I won’t insist that you give up animal products completely if that is not something you want to do. I will work within your comfort zone and help you incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, ensure your diet is nutritionally adequate and provide encouragement along every step of the way! I will show you a variety of new recipes and how to incorporate more home cooking into your eating routine, without sacrificing much time. Check out the services I offer for more information!


    1. Question: I eat Shreddies every morning for breakfast (1) I hear fiber is good for you (2) I hear that too much wheat isn’t good for . What is your view on this and what else can I eat for breakfast instead of wheat products?

      1. Hi Wayne – thank you for your comment! Fibre provides a host of health benefits, from improving bowel regularity to lowering your cholesterol overtime.
        You need 31-38 grams of fibre per day, depending on your age. Most of us actually don’t get enough fibre! In one 50 gram serving of Shreddies, you get about 5 grams of fibre.
        If you wanted to switch it up, you could have a smoothie, yogurt parfait or egg muffins for breakfast! I post many ideas on my blog and social media 🙂

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